After spending about a week in Istanbul, I went to Kappadokya with four women I had met in the Istanbul youth hostel. We took an overnight bus to a town called Kayseri, in order to get to Goreme, or so we thought. In actuality, the bus we took was going somewhere else and we had a big fight with the bus company when we found this out, sometime very early the next morning in a town nowhere near Kayseri. Luckily, we "convinced" them to put us on the next bus directly to Goreme and refused to pay more!

Kappadokya is famous for its amazing scenery. The area is literally covered with these unearthly rock structures with windows and doors carved into them. These rocks served as homes for Christians who were afraid of persecution by Islamic settlers who came to the area later.

Castle Rock
near Goreme

More rock houses

Early Christian painting
in Kappadokya rock house

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