Naomi's Travelogue: Table of Contents

Naomi's Travelogue:
Table of Contents

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United Kingdom

May 1-3 Arrival in London and the Trip to Bath
May 4 Costwolds & Back to London


May 25-26 Loire Valley: Weekend in Angers
May 27 Loire Valley: Blois and the Road to Chambord
May 28 Chenonceau to Champagne
May 28 Me and Dom Perignon


June 10 Oslo: A Rainy Day at the Folkemuseum
June 11 Fjords and Bergen
June 12 Bergen and Back to Oslo


June 13 The Slott and the Vasa Museum


June 28-30 Venice and San Gimignano
July 1 Siena: Intro to the Palio
July 2 Palio Day -- Part I
July 2 Palio Day -- Part II
July 2-3 A Slight Detour
July 3 The Running of the Palio (at last!)

Thailand - 1996

March 7 Escape from Tokyo
March 8 Bangkok: A Journey Down the Chao Phrya
March 8 Bangkok: Amulet Market
March 8 Bangkok: North Chao Phrya River

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