Bangkok sights

These are just the first few images of the many I took during my most recent trip to Southeast Asia (7 March - 15 April 1996). You can also read the first few pages of the Thailand Travelogue.

Thailand Travelogue.

Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha
Wat Po, Bangkok

Wat Po is a short walk from the Palace. This Reclining Buddha is considered the finest in Thailand. The statue is over 30 feet long.

Chiang Mai Serpent

Chiang Mai

Sculpture of the 5-headed serpent at the entrance to a temple in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand. This serpent, called Naga, is derived from Hindu mythology and guards the entrance to holy places.

Erawan Dancer

Traditional dancer
Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

A group of 8 dancers perform for worshippers at this busy shrine in Central Bangkok. For a fee they will perform a prayer on request.

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