Bangkok sights

These are just the first few images of the many I took during my most recent trip to Southeast Asia (7 March - 15 April 1996). You can also read the first few pages of the Thailand Travelogue.

Thailand Travelogue.

Golden yakusha (guardian)
Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew is the temple which is part of the Palace grounds in Bangkok.

Temple Painting
Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

Elaborate paintings of Thai Buddhist and Hindu myths cover the walls surrounding the Wat.

Traditional dancer
Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

In addition to simple prayers, it is possible to hire these dancers to perform a special blessing at this small shrine in central Bangkok.

Elephant image
Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

Worshippers apply small sheets of thin gold leaf during their prayer rituals. Other images, especially Buddhas, often become entirely covered with many layers of gold leaf.

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