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Rajasthan is the Indian state which borders Pakistan on the western side of the country. The name means "Land of the Kings" and the Rajputs who lived here for over a thousand years are known for their code of chivalry and honor. They were never a threat to the Moghul rulers of northern India, and perhaps that is why so many of their buildings and monuments still stand today.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, and is often called the "pink city" due to the pink-colored sandstone of which the city walls were built. The old part of the city is within crenelated walls, and is fairly small compared to the much larger, more modern city center.

The Palace of the Winds or Hawa Mahal

This is probably the most famous building in Jaipur, and one of the most well-known in India, behind the Taj Mahal, of course. It was built in 1799. Originally the ladies of the palace would sit at the octagonal windows and look out onto the city. Today, sadly, it is only a facade; the old palace building was destroyed long ago.

This man is mixing up carrots and sugar for a special Rajasthani confection. He is working in a kitchen in the front part of his house, which is open to the street. He offered me a taste of what he was cooking, and it was delicious!

Here is one of the famous advertisements for an Indian movie. This one, called "Phool aur Kaante" (Flower and Thorn) boasted the most popular song during the time I visited India. I went to see the film which was incredibly violent, even though it is supposed to be a love story, based on the impression this billboard gives. And just why is the man in the lower right hand corner BLUE? I left in the middle.

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