Trekking in Nepal

I spent about two weeks trekking in the Annapurnas. I started with two people I met in Kathmandu, Steven from the Netherlands and Claire, from Scotland. We took a bus to Pokhara where the trek began.

A view of the glacier atop Mount Dhaulagiri. This is about 4 days walk from Pokhara, two or three days south of Jomsom.

These are rocks with Tibetan Buddhist sacred writings on them. They are often found piled up like this along the trails. Perhaps Tibetan lamas left them here to ensure safety to travelers. Traditionally, one walks clockwise around such rocks, in order to receive their blessing. Other similar items, such as prayer wheels, are common and spinning them clockwise is equivalent to saying the prayer written upon them.

At the beginning of the lama dancing festival in Tukche, the lamas formed a procession down the steps of the gompa.

Lamas traveled from Tibet especially for this festival and both Tibetans and Hindus also came from many villages in the Annapurnas to attend.

The men wearing the pointed red hats are lamas, or Buddhist holy men. The younger men are lower-ranking priests.

Some of the higher ranking lamas who came to Tukche just for this festival.

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