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This is the famous Swayambhunath temple decorated with the watchful eyes of Buddha. Wild monkeys live at this temple, which is located a few kilometers outside of Kathmandu, so watch out! We rented bicycles to get out here, passing through the outskirts of the city.

A woman selling beads in Kathmandu. There is a small section of the market area where many such stalls can be found. Nepalese women love these shiny beads and buy many strings of them. On the left are black and red bands which are braided into women's hair for special occasions.

Perhaps one of the most well-known images in Asia.

An excellent example of the elaborate carving done on the Hindu temples that can be found all over the Kathmandu valley. These doors are carved from very hard wood and there are some doors which are hundreds of years old.

A cloth stall on one of the main streets in Kathmandu. The goods are just stacked up on the side of the street and collected to be taken home at night.

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