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The Isle of Capri and Mt. Vesuvius

The isle of Capri is a famous playground for the rich and famous, but it is also well-known for its natural beauty. In addition to the Blue Grotto, a famous cave, there are numerous small bays and inlets where the jewel-like water beckons you to swim.

Capri girls


While staying in Sorrento, I met Monique and Rowena from Sydney (I'm on the right). We took the ferry to Capri one day, and fell in love with the island. There are numerous winding roads which take you past large villas and a number of archaeological sites. From the hilltops we saw several small bays that looked like wonderful swimming places, but without a boat we could not get there!

The Boat

The Boat

That night, upon our return to Sorrento, we met three local men who offered to come to our rescue! One of them owned a boat, and invited us to go to Capri the next day. This is the boat, though it sounded much bigger when he described it. The journey took about two hours from Sorrento. They gave us a tour of the island and took us to one of those lovely small bays for a swim. We all thought it was much more fun than taking the ferry, until the weather turned very bad on the way home...

Atop Mount Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius

Not far from Sorrento, on the way to Naples, are the ruins of the town of Ercolano (Herculaneum) which was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Although smaller than Pompeii, the ruins are impressive and interesting to visit. It is also possible to climb to the top of the (now dormant) Mt. Vesuvius. Here I am at the summit.

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