Rajasthan: Jaisalmer and the Camel Safari

Our 5-day camel safari started from Jaisalmer, which is an overnight train ride from Jodhpur. Unfortunately, I missed my train and ended up taking a bus ride instead. I was sleeping on the bus since the scenery between the two towns is mainly unending sand, but as we neared Jaisalmer, the city seemed to emerge from the surrounding desert as if on a golden cloud. It is a scene I will never forget. All the buildings are made from bricks made from the sand and the entire city has a golden, dreamlike quality to it.

At the center of town is a fortress, the former castle, with narrow winding streets and filled with exquisitely carved palaces and temples. The people of Jaisalmer are as fascinating as their city, men and women in jewel-colored saris and turbans. Although this city is two days (or nights) of travel from Jaipur or Udaipur, it is well worth the extra travel time to experience it.




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